Table Results Fixtures Hotshots


Played Scheduled Home Team   Away Team
2019-10-10 Brewery Tap Too 8 - 4 Newton S.S.C. (A)
2019-10-10 White Horse (A) (Swavesey) 7 - 5 Black Bull (A)
2019-10-10 Bottisham Community S.S.C. 5 - 7 White Lion (A)
2019-10-10 Sir Isaac Newton (B) 8 - 4 Monkfield Arms (B)
2019-10-10 Histon R.B.L. (Z) 7 - 5 Hat and Rabbit (A)
2019-10-24 Newton S.S.C. (A) v Hat and Rabbit (A)
2019-10-24 Monkfield Arms (B) v Histon R.B.L. (Z)
2019-10-24 White Lion (A) v Sir Isaac Newton (B)
2019-10-24 Black Bull (A) v Bottisham Community S.S.C.
2019-10-24 Brewery Tap Too v White Horse (A) (Swavesey)
2019-10-31 Histon R.B.L. (Z) v White Lion (A)
2019-10-31 Sir Isaac Newton (B) v Black Bull (A)
2019-10-31 Hat and Rabbit (A) v Monkfield Arms (B)
2019-10-31 White Horse (A) (Swavesey) v Newton S.S.C. (A)
2019-10-31 Bottisham Community S.S.C. v Brewery Tap Too
2019-11-07 Black Bull (A) v Histon R.B.L. (Z)
2019-11-07 White Horse (A) (Swavesey) v Bottisham Community S.S.C.
2019-11-07 Brewery Tap Too v Sir Isaac Newton (B)
2019-11-07 White Lion (A) v Hat and Rabbit (A)
2019-11-07 Newton S.S.C. (A) v Monkfield Arms (B)
2019-11-28 Monkfield Arms (B) v White Lion (A)
2019-11-28 Hat and Rabbit (A) v Black Bull (A)
2019-11-28 Histon R.B.L. (Z) v Brewery Tap Too
2019-11-28 Sir Isaac Newton (B) v White Horse (A) (Swavesey)
2019-11-28 Bottisham Community S.S.C. v Newton S.S.C. (A)
2019-12-05 Bottisham Community S.S.C. v Sir Isaac Newton (B)
2019-12-05 White Horse (A) (Swavesey) v Histon R.B.L. (Z)
2019-12-05 Brewery Tap Too v Hat and Rabbit (A)
2019-12-05 Black Bull (A) v Monkfield Arms (B)
2019-12-05 Newton S.S.C. (A) v White Lion (A)
2020-01-02 Histon R.B.L. (Z) v Bottisham Community S.S.C.
2020-01-02 Sir Isaac Newton (B) v Newton S.S.C. (A)
2020-01-02 Hat and Rabbit (A) v White Horse (A) (Swavesey)
2020-01-02 Monkfield Arms (B) v Brewery Tap Too
2020-01-02 White Lion (A) v Black Bull (A)
2020-01-09 Sir Isaac Newton (B) v Histon R.B.L. (Z)
2020-01-09 Bottisham Community S.S.C. v Hat and Rabbit (A)
2020-01-09 White Horse (A) (Swavesey) v Monkfield Arms (B)
2020-01-09 Brewery Tap Too v White Lion (A)
2020-01-09 Newton S.S.C. (A) v Black Bull (A)
2020-01-16 Black Bull (A) v Brewery Tap Too
2020-01-16 White Lion (A) v White Horse (A) (Swavesey)
2020-01-16 Monkfield Arms (B) v Bottisham Community S.S.C.
2020-01-16 Hat and Rabbit (A) v Sir Isaac Newton (B)
2020-01-16 Histon R.B.L. (Z) v Newton S.S.C. (A)
2020-01-23 Newton S.S.C. (A) v Brewery Tap Too
2020-01-23 Black Bull (A) v White Horse (A) (Swavesey)
2020-01-23 White Lion (A) v Bottisham Community S.S.C.
2020-01-23 Monkfield Arms (B) v Sir Isaac Newton (B)
2020-01-23 Hat and Rabbit (A) v Histon R.B.L. (Z)
2020-01-30 Hat and Rabbit (A) v Newton S.S.C. (A)
2020-01-30 Histon R.B.L. (Z) v Monkfield Arms (B)
2020-01-30 Sir Isaac Newton (B) v White Lion (A)
2020-01-30 Bottisham Community S.S.C. v Black Bull (A)
2020-01-30 White Horse (A) (Swavesey) v Brewery Tap Too
2020-02-06 Newton S.S.C. (A) v White Horse (A) (Swavesey)
2020-02-06 Brewery Tap Too v Bottisham Community S.S.C.
2020-02-06 Black Bull (A) v Sir Isaac Newton (B)
2020-02-06 Monkfield Arms (B) v Hat and Rabbit (A)
2020-02-06 White Lion (A) v Histon R.B.L. (Z)
2020-02-13 Monkfield Arms (B) v Newton S.S.C. (A)
2020-02-13 Hat and Rabbit (A) v White Lion (A)
2020-02-13 Histon R.B.L. (Z) v Black Bull (A)
2020-02-13 Sir Isaac Newton (B) v Brewery Tap Too
2020-02-13 Bottisham Community S.S.C. v White Horse (A) (Swavesey)
2020-02-20 Newton S.S.C. (A) v Bottisham Community S.S.C.
2020-02-20 White Horse (A) (Swavesey) v Sir Isaac Newton (B)
2020-02-20 Brewery Tap Too v Histon R.B.L. (Z)
2020-02-20 Black Bull (A) v Hat and Rabbit (A)
2020-02-20 White Lion (A) v Monkfield Arms (B)
2020-02-27 Sir Isaac Newton (B) v Bottisham Community S.S.C.
2020-02-27 Histon R.B.L. (Z) v White Horse (A) (Swavesey)
2020-02-27 Monkfield Arms (B) v Black Bull (A)
2020-02-27 White Lion (A) v Newton S.S.C. (A)
2020-02-27 Hat and Rabbit (A) v Brewery Tap Too
2020-03-05 White Horse (A) (Swavesey) v Hat and Rabbit (A)
2020-03-05 Black Bull (A) v White Lion (A)
2020-03-05 Brewery Tap Too v Monkfield Arms (B)
2020-03-05 Newton S.S.C. (A) v Sir Isaac Newton (B)
2020-03-05 Bottisham Community S.S.C. v Histon R.B.L. (Z)
2020-03-12 Black Bull (A) v Newton S.S.C. (A)
2020-03-12 White Lion (A) v Brewery Tap Too
2020-03-12 Monkfield Arms (B) v White Horse (A) (Swavesey)
2020-03-12 Hat and Rabbit (A) v Bottisham Community S.S.C.
2020-03-12 Histon R.B.L. (Z) v Sir Isaac Newton (B)
2020-03-19 Newton S.S.C. (A) v Histon R.B.L. (Z)
2020-03-19 Sir Isaac Newton (B) v Hat and Rabbit (A)
2020-03-19 Bottisham Community S.S.C. v Monkfield Arms (B)
2020-03-19 White Horse (A) (Swavesey) v White Lion (A)
2020-03-19 Brewery Tap Too v Black Bull (A)


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